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why mountains call you and you must come..

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why mountains call you and you must come..

When was the last time you experienced silence and solitude? If you  probably ever have ,it must have been on a mountain trail somewhere. Mountains are symbol of strengh and integrity. I always wondered why people wanted to climb mountains.

So as the popular saying goes ”its magic when men and mountains meet.”. I know what this is all about. Mountains have been there since time immemorial . Every day we see new tecnologies and inventions coming up . We are sitting in front of screens all the time, our desk tops are full. We are not sure how much of this is needed. Its really time for self redemtion now. We do have to find time for our self. Once you are among the mountains, you realize how mortal and vulnerable you are. You feel all the artificial problems you encountered in life worth nothing up here.

Treking in the mountains will truly change your life. The trails take you though winding paths, through dense forests, though hidden valleys and forests. You walk on alluring ridgelines, and enchanting and mystical passes. You spend night camping in tents, gazing at stars. The night sky in the mountains is so clear, because of the clean and unsmudged air. You are away from your comfort zone. You start knowing what your mind and body is capable of acheiving. Your endurance level increases, which gives you more self confidence.Your mind is clear , and you are focused. There is no confusion, because you know your aim. When you reach your destination , all your pain , and fatigue is all forgotten. You suddenly realize the earth is so beautiful. The enchanting landscapes and astonishing natural beauty will mersmerise you. You will discover yourself. Discovering yourself is about living a moment , which you have dreamt of all your life , and eventually you are in that breathtaking situation.

This is the magic of the mountains , not only they are known for their abundant natural beauty, they also touch a chord right in the core of the heart. Its divine to be with nature. While trekking one learns to be with a team, to manage out of his comfort zone. You come back with stories and memories that will stay in your heart for ever.

wishing you have exploring , and hope to meet you on some trail someday, somewhere.
cheers and regards.