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Monthly Archives: November 2015

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A tribute to the heroes of Rezang La

In the autumn of 2014, I and my friend had gone to The Tso Moriri lake. We did not want to go to the more travelled ladakh. We though of spending time in the Changthang valley. So we drove to Tso Moriri lake from the More plains via Tso Kar. We decided to take a decent room at a homestay near the lake and spend some days in the serenity and solitude beside the lake. While lazying in a corner seat of a tea shop in Korkoz, I learnt about a route which goes directly to Panggong from Tso Moriri. This route requires a special inner line permit . As the permit is available only at D.C Office in Leh, it meant another Three days for me arranging the permit

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be a traveller, not a tourist
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Be a traveller, not a tourist


We travel not to escape life ,but for life not to escape us. Everyday we are so busy in our respective works, that we have very less time for ourselves. What ever time we have we spend it staring at our mobile and laptop screens. We have forgotten that we live on a beautiful planet. This planet for sure has awesome places that can cast a captivating spell on you.The earth is colossal and diverse, that a lifetime can be short if we were to explore it.

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