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Bhabha Pass Trek

BHABHA PASS TREK (4640 mts).

This trek connects Kafnoo ,a village in lower kinnaur with Mud , a village in the far interiors of the Pin valley, across the Bhaba pass.

Day 1. Shimla to Kafnoo.(2500 mts)
Travel along the NH22 toward Narkanda. The road desends from Narkanda, and eventually travels along the satluj. Kafnoo is a small village across the Satluj river, 50 kms from Rampur Bushar.

Day 2. Kafnoo to Mulling( 3279 mts) .5 to 6 hrs.

The trek starts along the Bhabha stream, then you reach a foreste of cedar and pine. A lot of wild himalayan flowers can be seen on the way. A few wooden and stone refuge houses can be seen on the way. Mulling is a beautiful meadow , ideal for setting up a camp.

Day 3. Muling to Kahra(3559 mts) 3 hrs.

Start the trek early the next morning. Mulling has lots of Himalayan alpine flowers around,including the blue Himalayan poppy. There is one stream to be crossed today. As you keep traveling up the valley, you will reach Karha, which is a open pasture.

Day 4. Kahra to Pustring (3940 mts) 3-4 hrs.

From Kahra we walk along the left valley.As we walk up ,the valley gets narrower. THere are 3 streams to be crossed today. The trek is easy to moderate.Phustring is just below the pass.

Day 5. Pustring to Bhaldhar (4198 mts) via Bhabha top.

It is always advisable to cross over passes in the first part of the day. weather conditions usually become bad during the latter part of the day. The climb towards Bhaba top becomes steep towards the end. There are Prayer flags on the top of the pass. The view is breath taking. There are patches of snow and small glaciers on the other side, so be a bit cautious while desending.You can use a fixed rope.There may be an area of ice at the top. then there is a snow feild.Then one one desends into scree, and into a moraine area. The trail is not defined at
places. The area beyond the pass is devoid of any kind of vegetation. In between you meet the trail which comes from the Pin parvati pass. Then you reach Bhaldhar ,where you camp for the day.

Day 6. Bhaldhar to Mud (3890 mts)

Today the trek is along the Pin valley. The landscape is barren. The colours of the mountains is amazing . The mountains are in the shades of pink, voilet and dark brown. As you start seeing a green patch , you know you are approaching Mud. Mud is the interior most village of the pin valley. You have now reached a road head destination.

You can drive down to Kaza or stay back for the evening. Kaza is 55 kms from Mud.