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Hampta Pass Trek


Just about the most magnificent trek in Himachal Pradesh, which  starts from  the verdant  and green Kullu area, across to the barren and desolate Lahaul. The trail goes through  bio diverse natural environment and long meadows which have many colourful  wild varieties of flowers.  There are numerous small streams which have to be crossed, and the journey across the top offers amazing views of mountains and  massifs which are over 6,000 m . Traditionally before Rohtang pass was opened, this was the alternate route between Lahaul and Kullu valley.

Day 1. Manali to Jobri to Chika ( 6 Hrs)

Assemble in the morning at Manali. The starting point of the journey is Prini, which is 3 Kms from Manali. From Prini there is aroad which goes till Jobri Nallah. From Jobri nallah the trek starts. There are several glacials streams to be crossed over improvised wooden bridges. Then there is a norrow ravine to be crossed, and then you reach a open campsite. This place is called Chikha and is at an elevation of 3140 Mtrs. Overnight stay in tents.

Day 2. Chika to Balu ka Ghera (6 Hrs)

Get up to a wonderful morning at Chika. The  trek  starts through lovely meadows, and wonderful landscapes. A number of snow bridges over the Hampta stream are crossed .Some streams have to be crossed by walking across the icy cold waters. The area between Chika and Balu ka Ghera is full of colourful wid flower varieties. Then you reach a open meadow which is called Balu ka Gera. Balu ka Gera is at an elevation of 3660 m. This place is like a base camp for the snow bound Hampta pass. Overnight stay in tents.

Day 3.Balu ka Gera to Sai Goru (7-8 hrs).

Make an early morning start to cross the pass. The weather starts to worsen during the latter half of the day. The earlier you start, the more time you have to enjoy moments on the top of the pass. The ascent is not very difficult, lying entirely over snow covered slopes of gradually increasing gradient. The last few hundred feet are very steep and slippery. After 3 hours reach the top of the Hampta pass (14,000 ft/4,268 m). you can have a clear view of Mt. Indrasan and Deo tibba. On the other side there is not much snow. There may be some snow on the glacier. Other than that the path is in fact completely free of snow. Camp for the night at Sai Goru. Overnight stay in tents.

Day 4. Sai Goru to Chatru (4 Hrs)- By jeep to Chandrataal lake (3 Hrs)
The descent is gradual at first and then becomes steep all the way to the campsite at Chatru, which is near the Chandra river in Lahoul. On a clear day the snow peaks of the Mulkila and Chandrabhaga ranges are visible. Camp for the night at Chatru. From Chatru a road goes to Batal, from where a link road  14 kilometres long takes you to the Chandrataal lake. Chandrataal lake at an altitude of 4300 m is one of the most beautiful sights in the himalayas. Overnight stay in tents at Chandrataal lake.

Day 5. Chandrataal lake to Manali ( 7 Hrs)

Today is the last day of this wonderful journey. Start the day early as the road between Batal and Gramphoo is unpredictable. It is advisable to reach Rohtang in good time. Rohtang pass is at an elevation of 3900 m. This pass has som amazing views of the Lahaul mountains. After Rohtang it is a all descending road to Manali. The total distance from Chandrataal to Manali is 150 Kms. Reach Manali, in the evening and check into a comfortable hotel and have a well deserved hot shower.

Its time to bid good bye.