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Mural Danda Trek

Mural danda trek

Mural Danda Trek
This is one of the most amazing short treks in the Himachal Himalayas. The trans himalayan Baspa ranges start from these mountains. The trek a dense frorest and open meadows and when you eventually reach the 14000 feet top you get an amazing 360 degrees  view of the snow clad mountain summits contrasting with the dense green forests below. Being in the mountains is the purest form of exploration, as this area has not been ventured into commercially. Every mountain and every trek look and feel different as is this region which is renouned  world wide for its exotic plants and Herbs. There are various routes to climb this mountain, but the most beautiful and approachable is from Sungri. Sungri is a small village situated at a La which connects the Satlej and the Pabbar valleys.

mural danda trek

Day 1. Chandigarh to Sungri ( 200 kms).
You drive along the Himalayan express highway and then cross the stations of Solan and Shimla. After Shimla the road goes through dense green forests and apple plantations with wonderful views of the snow clad peaks in the background. The small town of Narkanda falls on the way, after which we enter a more denser forest of Rhododendron, Oak and Pine. In the evening we reach the tranquil Hill station of Sungri. Overnight stay and dinner will be at a Camp/ Homestay/ Rest House at Sungri.

Day 2. Sungri to Ropra ( 7 Kms)
Get up to a wonderful morning in Sungri. After breakfast, we start our trek through a forest of Cedar and Oak trees. There will be many clearings in the forest, which resemble small meadows. There is a big grazing ground known as Gujjar Channi. This place is also used as a Camping ground. The gradient towards Ropra gets a bit steep. Ropra is a small clearing in a forest with a water source and is a ideal camping ground. Overnight stay in Tents.

Day 3. Ropra to Mural Top and back to Ropra (2 Kms up and 2 kms Back)
After breakfast the last walk up the mountain starts. You are treated to wonderful views of the Basra range and the Satlej Valley. It’s about two and half hours walk to the top. The top is a wide area which is green and has a 360 view of the adjoining mountains. The entire Mural Mountain is known for its herbs and exotic wild species. You will be able to see them on the way. Its a one and half hour walk to the top, and at initially though a jungle, and then the tree line diminishes to give way to a greener open space. The final climb is a moderate one. The is relatively flatter and wide. There are two temples dedicated to local deites here. Spend some time on the top and return back to Ropra for Lunch.

Day 4. Ropra to Sungri and drive to Dutt Nagar 

We have to descend to Sungri today. It takes about 5 hours to descend to Sungri. From Sungri, we drive towards Dutt Nagar, where we check into a Hotel. Stay and Dinner at the Hotel.

Day 5. Dutt Nagar to Chandigarh (200 Kms)
After Breakfast drive back to Chandigarh.