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Roopkund is a trekkers paradise. Far away from aggravating habitations . at the awe inspiring altitude of 5029 mtrs above sea level, hidden in a cirqued nest of the garhwal himalayas, lies this pure pristine lake. It is inaccessble most of the year, due to heavy snow and ice cover. The lake remains frozen most of the time of the year.The lake is at the base of Trishul and Nanda Gunti peaks, and is surrounded by moraine -strewn glaciers. The trail meanders through virgin himalayan forests, which are strewn by enchanting undulating huge meadows like Ali bugyan and Bedni bugyal. This place does cast a mersmering spell on you. Roopkund is 5 kms from a place called Bhaguwawasa This trail has wonderful campsites. Roopkund lake has lots of myth and folk lore related to it. Like all high altitude lakes this lake is considered sacred. Every 12 years a ”Nanda Devi raj raj” yatra dedicated to the Godess Nanda is organised here till Homkund ,which starts from Nauti village near Karnaprayag. Numerous remains of human skeletons are found around Roopkund , stories of which are told here, the most prominent one being that these people died of a hailstroam five to six hunded years ago. what they were doing there is still a mystery to be unveiled . In all., Roopkund is a completely unique package of trekking and camping experience in the Indian himalayas.

Day 1. Katgodam to Lohaganj. (213 kms)

There are various trains from Delhi to Katgodam. Most of the trains run overnight. When you arrive at Katgodam our representatives will be there to receive you. We will then start our journey towards Lohaganj. Lohaganj is the road head point ,from where the Roopkund trek starts. Its a long but interesting journey between Katgodam and Lohaganj. The road passes through some lovely landscapes and beautiful sceneries. The town of Almora falls in between. Most of the journey is along a river. At night we halt in Forest rest house/ log houses or tents.

Day 2. Lohaganj to Didna (8 kms).

The trek starts from Lohaganj. Today the trek goes till Didna, a tiny village along a meadow. First there is a steady climb till Lohaganj pass. Then there is a walk downhill till you reach the Bedni river. Bedni river is also known as the Bedni Ganga. After crossing a bridge , the trail goes through a forest of Bamboo and Oak. The climb is gradual till the village. Just beyond the village is a meadow, which will be the camping ground for the evening.

Day 3.Didna to Ali Bugyal.(10 kms).

Rise early. Todays trek goes again through a forest of Oak and Bamboo.The gradient is moderate, and you will start enjoying your climb.The landscapes are mersmerising. These is the Garhwal Himalayas at thier best. Ali Bughyal is long green meadow situated on top of a hill,which makes it a awesome site for a all round view of the magnificient mountains. Ali Bugyal one of the best camping sites in the Gharwal himalayas. Camp for the night here in tents.

Day4. Ali Bugyal to Patharnachauni (5 kms)

The trek is comparitabily easy today. Your trail takes you to the other side of the ridgeline.This is the most interesting thing about wlking in the mountains, when after crossing a ridgeline the view changes. A new chain of mountains can be seen. Ghora Latoni on the Roopkund trek is a wonderful campsite. The views are awesome from here. Camp overnight in tents.

Day 5. Patharnachani to Bhagwabasa (6kms)

On todays trail you can encounter snow,as you climb to an elevation of more than 4000 metres. If not acclimitized properly ,you can have the feeling of high altitude dizziness. However this is not permanent. You get used to the altitude. This is high altitude trekking,so you have to take certain measures that will help you acclimitize and you will not feel the fatigue and not be short of breath. Have plenty of water, that is remain hydrated. Take small steps, and dont try to hurry. As we go higher the greener pastures are replaced by more desolate rock stewn places.Bhaguwabasa at an elevation of 4100 metres is one such place.This place is exposed to icy northern winds.Overnight stay in tents

Day 6. Bhagwabasa to Roop Kund Summit and back to Bedni Bugyal.

This is the most fasinating day of the trek . Roopkund lake is 3 to 4 hours walk from Bhagwabasa. Its about 5 kms of moderate climb. It is advisable to start the day early. There are 3 main reasons for this. Firstly you can cross the streams without getting wet,because of the low temperature ,there is less flow. The weather get bad during the latter half of the day and there are chances of having a whiteout . Lastly the earlier you begin your day,more time you get to explore,and you can walk upto Junargali. Junargali is half an hour walk from Roopkund. Junargali is the highest point on Roopkund trek. Explore the Roopkund area for some time, and enjoy the moments here.Return to Bedni Bugyal for overnight stay in tents.

Day 7. Bedni Bugyal to Lohaganj (11 kms)

As you start your return trek, bid goodbye to an unforgettable experience as you can capture a glimpse of Mt. Trishul from Bedni Bugyal on a clear day from Kanakdhar, en route Wan. Follow steep descents, gradual climbs through forests packed with blooming rhododendrons. After a steep descent for the Neel Ganga, arrive at Wan. From here, you’ll drive to Lohajung. Spend the night here.

Day 8. Lohaganj to Katgodam.

After getting to the base camp at Lohajung and finishing the Roopkund trek, you might think of spending a day at Lohajung. This is a great place to relax and chill out and our rewarding trek.Early morning start drive towards Kathgodam. At Kathgodam our trek ends.