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Spiti valley 8N/9Days

Spiti is the land of monasteries and open landscapes preserved deep in the mighty Himalayas. Spiti and Pin Rivers making their way through the desert mountain valley positioned north-east in the hilly state of India. Spiti has entirely a different terrain as compared to its better half Lahaul. You might see a lot of greenery all around when in Lahaul, but as soon as you cover few kilometers beyond Kunzum Pass, an open valley with extended cold desert and beautiful landscapes start revealing itself to its visitors. If you didn’t ever get a chance to visit Ladakh in your lifetime, you can taste its culture and landscape in Spiti, because culturally and geographically this place isn’t very different from Ladakh.
Cultural and traditional heritage this place holds is more than 1000 years old. Monasteries and stupas that stand unmoved in their places since centuries are the witnesses of great natural turmoil that took place in the Greater Himalayas to give origin to this heavenly place. Snow-capped peaks rise on both banks of Spiti and Pin Rivers to spear the sky and protect its inhabitants from all uncalled for travesties. The priceless gift of mother nature in the form of pure environment, crystal clear water, fertile land, picturesque landscapes, century-old glaciers, and snowfields make Spiti a must-visit place on earth.
High passes, lowlands, small and long flights of bridges connecting two ends of the open valley at places have been our companions for years on our journeys to this most beautiful land. We have been driving through these picture-perfect roads and Himalayan villages for years. Willing to share one of our most memorable travel experiences with you, we have designed this road trip in a way that you get a chance to explore Spiti inside out. From food to Spiti culture to extended natural landscapes, you will get a chance to live the life of the local people.
Be it standing at ‘the world’s highest village’ or driving through ‘the world’s most treacherous road,’ you will experience it all firsthand and take home lovely memories and myriad adventure stories you have lived in real time.
Tour Highlights
• Drive through one of the most treacherous roads in the world, well-accompanied by extended landscapes and beautiful Himalayan lakes
• Camping, photography and stargazing at Chandra Taal
• Visit 1000-year-old Buddhist monasteries
• Watching confluence of Sutlej and Spiti River
Region: Spiti, Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 8 Nights/9 Days
Tour Cost: Rs 21,890/- per person
Day Plan
Day 1: Chandigarh to Kotgarh (210 km, 7 hrs)
Day 2: Kotgarh To Kalpa (157 kms, 6 hrs)
Day 3: Kalpa To Tabo (150 Kms, 6 hrs)
Day 4: Tabo to Dhankar Monastery to Kaza (60 km, 3 hrs)
Day 5: Kaza to Key to Kibber to Langza (40 km, 2 hrs)
Day 6: Langza to Komik to Demul to Lidang to Kaza (60 km, 3 hrs)
Day 7: Kaza to Kunzum Pass to Chandra Taal (90 km, 3.5 hrs)
Day 8: Chandra Taal to Manali (134 km, 6 hrs)
Day 9: Manali to Chandigarh (290 km, 7 hrs)

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1: Chandigarh To Kotgarh (210 km, 7 hrs)
Start your journey from Chandigarh in the morning. We will take you on a joyride through the Himalayan Express Highway and NH 22 into the heart of the Himalayas. Initially we drive along the low hills and eventually gain an altitude of 6500 feet. Beautiful road snaking through forests of pine, deodar and oak trees offers glimpses of small beautiful villages on the way. We reach Kotgarh by evening, which is our halt for the night. Overnight stay at a homestay amidst an orchard of apple and cherries.
Day 2: Kotgarh To Kalpa (157 kms, 6 hrs)
After breakfast, we take a narrow road descending through orchards of apples and cherries until we hit the NH 22 to drive along the right bank of Sutlej River. We drive along the Sutlej. The journey is full of excitement and thrill as gushing water paints the muddy river white. The mother nature reveals its first marvel as soon as we reach Taranda to see a deep gorge on the left-hand side of the road. The road roofed by multiple rock tunnels ushers you into Kinnaur Valley. The road takes you to the village of Kalpa. Kalpa is more famous for the views it offers of the Snow covered Kinner Kailash ranges. Overnight stay in a hotel at Kalpa.
Day 3: Kalpa To Tabo (150 Kms, 6 hrs)
Today drive along the Sutlej till a place called Khab. Khab is the place where Sutlej and river Spiti meet. From here the road ascends till you reach an elevation of 12000 feet to a place called Nako. Nako is a picturesque village with amazing views of snow covered Manerang ranges. There is also a lake in the centre of the village. This place is a road head camp for climbing the highest peak in Himachal Rio Purgyal. We then proceed towards Tabo Village for the evening. Overnight stay in a homestay/guest house.
Day 4: Tabo to Dhankar Monastery to Kaza (60 km, 3 hrs)
Tabo has a monastery which is a 1000 years old. Then from a place called Schiling, a road ascends towards Dhankar. Dhankar monastery is perched on the edge of a mountain and the landscape looks just out of a fairy tale setting. After exploring the village and monastery, we head for Kaza and reach there by evening for an overnight stay at a hotel/homestay.

Day 5: Kaza to Key to Kibber to Langza (40 km, 2 hrs)
In the morning, we explore Kaza market and then head for Key Monastery. After an enchanting interactive session with the monks at Key, we drive to the villages of Tashigang, Gette, and Kibber – which is one of the highest inhabited villages in the world. After walking in thin air and exploring one of the remotest villages in India, we head back on the same road to reach Kaza gate and start ascending on a curvy road towards Langza. Multiple hairpin curves usher us into the village of Langza, which is the place for an overnight stay at a homestay.

Day 6: Langza to Komik to Demul to Lidang to Kaza (60 km, 3 hrs)

Day 7: Kaza to Kunzum Pass to Chandra Taal (80 km, 3-4 hrs)
We start the day early as it’s a journey across the 4550 m (15,060 ft) Kunzum Pass. Kunzum Pass connects the Spiti Valley with Lahaul. Kunzum pass has amazing views of the Chandrabhaga Ranges. It has a Hindu temple and a Buddhist Chorten dedicated to the same Goddess Kunzum Mata. After a short descend from the pass, we take a narrow road which goes to Chandra Taal. Chandra Taal – also known as the moon lake – is a beautiful lake at an altitude of 14100 ft nestled between mountain ranges of Chandra Bhaga and Kunzum top. This is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Himalayas. After enjoying beautiful views we will settle for a lakeside overnight stay in tents at Chandra Taal.
Day 8: Chandra Tal to Manali (134 km, 6 hrs)
Experience the nature at its best in the morning at Chandra Taal. Then we drive toward Batal. After a short halt at Batal, we drive along the Chandra River till a place called Gramphoo. Then we drive up through lots of hairpin bends until we reach Rohtang Pass. You are treated with some amazing visuals of the snow-covered Lahaul Ranges on the way. Rohtang Pass is 3990 m ((13,050 ft) high. Manali is 49 km from here. We reach Manali by evening. Overnight stay at a hotel.
Day 9: Manali to Chandigarh (290 km, 7 hrs)
Time to bid farewell. Drive to Chandigarh.